BUILD in the Bay Area

Guys, my play about love, technology, and making video games is going up in the epicenter of all three of those things: San Jose, California!

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"This play is starting to feel like a miniature, deformed version of myself that just keeps following me around and hitting me in the balls with a tiny little hammer."

A BIRDMAN Quote that Perfectly Describes Playwriting

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Year Zero in Lowell, MA

Year Zero has arrived in Lowell, Massachusetts at Merrimack Repertory Theatre! Runs from September 11th thru October 5th. Go to for more information.

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Cowboy Vs Samurai Comes to Los Angeles

I’m incredibly happy to report that Cowboy Vs. Samurai is making its way to Los Angeles this September c/o the good folks at Artists At Play!

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New Job, Etc.

A couple of general housekeeping announcements: The Actors Theatre of Louisville’s Humana 2012 collection is out! It features all the collected work of the festival including Oh, Gastronomy! written by a collection of good friends and yours truly. It is edited by the luminous Amy Wegener and Sarah Lunnie.

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