Will and Kip are rock star video game designers in the multi-billion dollar electronic entertainment industry; Will hosts celebrity parties in his hilltop mansion. Kip lives in his grandmother’s tract house. Will drives a Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano. Kip rides the same BMX bike he had in sixth grade.

Will is about to lose everything. Kip has already lost everyone he ever loved.

And now they’re going to use technology and their creativity to get back everything — and everyone — that they couldn’t hold on to.

Build was written under commission from actors Joel de la Fuente and Daniel Dae Kim.

The play had its first workshop production at the Chautauqua Theater Company’s New Play Workshop Festival, directed by Vivienne Benesch and featuring Joel de la Fuente, Charlotte Graham, and Matthew Saldivar. The Huffington Post provides a sneak peek at the Chautauqua workshop production of Build.

Build world premiered in October 2012 at Los Angeles’ Geffen Playhouse, directed by Will Frears.