Cowboy Versus Samurai

Travis Park is a high school English teacher and the only Korean American man living in a dusty cowboy town known as Breakneck, Wyoming. And when a gorgeous, whip-smart Asian American woman moves into town, he immediately falls for her; the only problem is that she only dates white men.

In this savagely funny and often moving comic re-telling of Edmond Rostand’s CYRANO DE BERGERAC, one man must choose allegiance between his cowboy friend (a dim, handsome, Caucasian P.E. teacher named Del) and his Asian Brother-with-a-Capital-B (crazed, militant Asian of Unknown Origin, Chester). He must choose between the Asian American and the American within himself – between COWBOY VS. SAMURAI – in a pursuit of a love that may only be as real as the love letters he writes for someone else.

The world premiere of Cowboy Versus Samurai was produced by NAATCO, the National Asian American Theater Company, in New York City in November, 2005. Since then it has been produced in Minneapolis (Mu Performing Arts), Seattle (SiS Productions), San Francisco (AATC), Vancouver, British Columbia (VACT), San Diego, California (Mo’olelo), Dallas, Texas, and in Hong Kong by the Looking Glass Theater Company.

Cowboy was selected by the Tribeca Film Instititute for its All Access Open Stage Program, and is available in print in Smith and Kraus’s New Playwrights: The Best Plays of 2006 and The Best Stage Scenes of 2006.

Cowboy Versus Samurai is published and licensed by Samuel French, and is available directly from Sam French or from