Short Plays

Please Stand By.

A one act play.

Wendy is a huge Star Trek fan. Wendy knits. Wendy only wears red on Fridays. Wendy has Autism Spectrum Disorder. Wendy has written a three hundred page script for the new Star Trek TV series and needs to get it to Los Angeles so Joss Whedon can read it. And despite what her caregiver and her younger sister want, Wendy also wants her freedom.

Please Stand By was performed for Thumping Claw 2008 alongside one acts written by Carla Ching, Julia Cho, and Lloyd Suh. It featured Vivian Bang, Monica Hong, and Bernadette Bonfliglio and was directed by Heidi Helen Davis.


A ten minute play.

Vuthy (Pronounced “Woo-tee”) is not your average Cambodian American teenager. He’s fuckin’ weird. And now that his mom’s gone, he has to face the deadly possibly of being a fuckin’ weird kid growing up alone in Long Beach, California — unless he can convince his college aged sister Ra to take him with her. But she already has enough on her plate…

Heartbreaker was performed for Second Generation’s TEN Reading Series at New York’s Joe Papp Public Theater in April/May 2007, and has been published by Smith and Kraus in their anthology BEST TEN MINUTE PLAYS OF 2007: 2 Actors.

It was also selected as a finalist for the Actors Theatre of Louisville’s 2009 National Ten Minute Play Competition/Heideman Award.

And now Heartbreaker has been expanded into a full-length play titled Year Zero.

More coming soon…